Why does it load scripts from jitsi.org?


I have started hosting my own instane. One thing I see is that when I am in a room, I see that the web app loads scripts from jitsi.org. I am wondering if it needs to load those at all to function properly because my browsers blocks 3rd paty scripts by default.


What are the scripts you see are loaded from jitsi.org?


I am using the docker version.

I am not skilled enough as a developer so I do not know what they are. I see that Umatrix and Ublock Origin shows that some scripts are loaded.

I will try to provide some screenshots when I am back on my server


Sorry I was wrong about the domain, it wsa not .org but it was .net

Please see the image

abotars is an avatar service that we use, along with gravatar.
This can be controlled and configured with a custom one using interface_config https://github.com/jitsi/jitsi-meet/blob/master/interface_config.js#L76

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thanks, awesome