Why do I sound like a squeaky ewok?

Sometimes when I connect to meet.jit.si, people tell me that they cannot understand me because my voice is high-pitched and garbled. While they find it amusing, it happens often enough that one person has written the word “EWOK” on a piece of paper next to her so she can simply lift it up when it occurs. Everyone in the call hears me like that, so I do not think it is a problem on their end.

I am using Debian GNU/Linux as my OS (using the standard PulseAudio sound system). It only happens when I first start talking to someone, never in the middle of a call. I have been quitting the browser and restarting it to fix the problem (often I have to try two or three times). The problem has occurred with both Chromium and Google Chrome, but seemed to happen more consistently with Google Chrome. Yesterday, after repeated restarts, only switching to Chromium fixed it for me.

I’m sorry, but we may have to ask for a voice recording to first make sure you don’t always sound like a squeaky ewok. :wink:

Since Chrome and Chromium are from the same stack, did you try Firefox? I understand that Chrome seems to have better performance, but it would be a way to test if it’s the browser or something else.

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Thanks, Balu! I’ll maybe try that. I have a suspicion you’re right.

First an update: turns out I can turn into a squeaky ewok during a conversation as it just happened.

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