Why do I have two windows during a video call?


I’m fairly new to Jitsi but haven’t been able to find an answer to this anywhere else.

I am using linux (pop!_os) and the jitsi flatpak on a laptop.

When I am on a video call, even with connection to just one other person, I seem to have two windows. One is the main window with the video and controls. The second is just the video. I really only need the one window and don’t understand why I have a second window or how to remove it.

Looking for some guidance. Thanks in advance.


I think I’ve worked it out. In Pop!_os I am using the window tiling feature. I have now made Jitsi an exception to the window tiling so it gets its natural window placement. When automatic tilling is active on the jitsi windows, the small window showing the user becomes its own window and is automatically resized and arranged within the tilling configuration.

Solution: If using a window tilling manager, do not apply window tilling to Jitsi meet. Either turn tiling off for the duration, or make Jitsi and exception.

I presume the second window you see is the “Always on Top” mini window that shows up when the main window does not have focus.

If that doesn’t play nice with your tiling window manager, you can also disable that feature in the settings.