Why are we allowing this?

The Jitsi meet server now greets guests with an obnoxious ad for 8x8 when they exit a meeting. Why are we allowing this?

You could set up your own server… I don’t see the big deal, you’re leaching off Jitsi’s bandwidth and they gotta pay for it somehow


True, too true. But does that change the fact that 8x8 is shooting itself in the foot? :grinning:

A great way for them to meet the expense of the Jitsi demo server wd be to provide good support for their accounts. That way, they’d make lots of money selling them. As is, they don’t provide good support for their accounts, something which I found out after making the mistake of buying an X2 account. Worse, they are making it difficult for me to cancel the account.

Heh if you think you’re not getting good support try getting any sort of support with self-hosted… nigh on impossible, even with offering to pay consulting fees due to a bug in the system.

what bug did you find?

i also found after doing some searches that we’re still having problems with IOS devices. If anyone in the development team needs help with writing work, I’d be glad to supply it.