Why am I kicked out of the meeting?

Because despite being the host of the room in jitsi, a student blocks me and kicks me out of the meeting. How to know who is the one who throws me out of the room and how to avoid it?

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I’m puzzled a bit. Have your students the permission to host rooms as you do?
If so, you’d better revoke these rights, so that only teachers can host rooms (and kick people out of a room, if necessary).

This is how to do it (section “Secure domain”):

Are you using your school’s personal DNS: eg. AmericanSchool.edu or the meet.jit.si (official Jitsi deployment)

if you’re using your school’s personal DNS tell them to reconfigure it as stated Here

In Jitsi’s official Deployment do note that it’s set up that everyone is a MOderater

we never tell who he is

only people who are in the meetin know who kicked who

the person who kicked you out his role in conference is moderator in your kicked event they also pass the name of the person wo kicked you out