Why 2 RTCPeerConnections?

Hi all, I have been successfully playing with the meet.jit.si website for a while. I started looking into how to make it go faster since my computer is very slow.
One thing I noticed using chrome://webrtc-internals is that 2 RTCPeerConnections are created instead of one. Why is that? Can I kill one of them if I use the iframe API?

I should add that in these tests I made it was a p2p connection, no multi-user, so I’d expect a single RTCPeerConnection.


We always create 2 peer connections. One for P2P and another for JVB (server) connections. Streams are seamlessly moved from one to another when there are 2 participants and a 3rd joins for example. This has no effect in performance since only 1 is “active” at a time.