Who will install Jitsi on my root server?

Using Jitsi for psychotherapy sessions, I want to run an own Jitsi server. It should be capable handling groups of up to 10 participants and not more than 1 group at a time with at least 720p video @ 30 fps.

I can get a relatively cheap root server at www.netcup.de:
AMD EPYC 7702 CPU with 2 cores (dedicated), 8GB DDR4-RAM, 160GB SSD, bandwidth max 2,5GB/s

I have only little time and no experience in running a root server. Maybe, the server and Jitsi can be installed inclusive automatic updates - perhaps via Cronjob etc. – If regular manually updates and service would be necessary for safe running the installation, I would prefer a German IT specialist.

Offers welcome!

So this part of your requirement could be an issue. Unless you’re absolutely, infinitely certain that every single one of your participants will have the resources to support this, you’ll have trouble. They’ll need to have cameras capable of feeding 720p and will need to have appropriate bandwidth to support that resolution, at the very minimum. Although your server may be capable, the client systems may not be.