Whiteboard Suggestion & Question

Hello Jitsi Team,

This discussion applies to public meet.jit.si.

The Suggestion:

The Jitsi whiteboard is a wonderful tool. We think it could be made better with respect to presentations where the presenter enables the “Everyone follows me” moderator option - It should behave like the tile view toggle. An “Everyone follows me” presenter may need to jump back and forth between whiteboard, screen share, tile view, other stuff, and back to whiteboard all being rendered to the other users.

If this is agreeable, I’ll make a PR.

The Question:

We are testing a new Edge WebView2 browser with Jitsi two-party calls. Everything (including YouTube live streaming) works as expected (when compared to Chrome) with the exception of two whiteboard issues:

(1) Sometimes, one half of a tile view appears behind the whiteboard for one of the users in a two-party call. To get rid of it, I toggle the tile view on, then off, then click the whiteboard on the filmstrip to show it properly.

(2) Sometimes, the whitboard is not shareable. When user “A” opens the whiteboard, user “B” is shown the whiteboard as expected. However, the whiteboard is not shareable.

So far, I have been unable to reproduce this using Chrome in limited tests. Please advise.

Thank you for all of your great work.

Edit: We are testing using new Dell Precision Workstations with Intel 12 gen i9s and 1GB fiber internet.

Makes sense that a user who toggled follow-me is indeed followed to the whiteboard so yeah, please go ahead!

I have never seen this one. Can you share a screenshot?

What do you mean by not shareable?


Part 1:

User A initiates the conference with User B.
User A shows the whiteboard. Notice the 1/2 tileview (of User B) behind the whiteboard. Also notice that the video of User B is showing black in the bottom of the filmstrip. See below:

Part 2:

User A toggels tileview on; then toggles tileview off; then clicks the whiteboard showing on the filmstrip.
The whiteboard shows correctly. See below:

Part 3:

User B draws on the whiteboard (not shown here). User A cannot see User B’s drawing as shown above. This is what I meant by “not shareable”. See above.

Update: I found the source of the problem in Part 1 above. I was passing &config.filmstrip.stageFilmstripParticipants=6 as part of a URL parameter string. When I took it out, that problem went away. Forgot that the feature is “experimental”. :neutral_face:

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Ah, good find!

Looks like the same when not sent as a URL parm, but during a regular p2p session. Just set:


Any number greater than 1 and you get the same behavior. This can be reproduced in Chrome - I can make a PR if you like. Want to test 3-person call first.

We are still having trouble in p2p where the users cannot see each others whiteboard drawings - this happens around 70% of the time. I cannot reproduce in Chrome. Maybe an issue with our new Edge WebView2 browser, although all other Jitsi functionality working as expected. Is there anything (that you can think of) on the Jitsi side that could be causing this issue?

A PR would be welcome!

I can’t think of anything… it’s just a WS connection for sync and a canvas…