Whiteboard - show for all works but hide for all not


first I want to thank you for your amazing work with jitsi.
I can imagine how much time and love you spend into this software.
It’s really working well.

With help of the good instruction in this forum I was easily able to setup the backend server.

Now my Question: When I click on show whiteboard it will be shown for all participant in the meeting also for participant who will join later. But if i hide the whiteboard, it will only hide for myself. All other need to hide the whiteboard also. And if after hiding a new participant join the meeting the whiteboard will still be shown.
Is there any function so that a moderator can hide the whiteboard for all?
If not did you plane to integrate that later?

By the way two more questions:

  • the integrated Frontend looks a little bit older then the current frontend from excalidraw.com How can I update that or when do you plan to update this. There are so much more features in the current version from them?
  • The whiteboard is not shown in the Android App. Do you plan update the app to make that possible?
    (Should I better open two new threads for both?)

all the best

Has anyone an answer?

This seems to be the expected behavior. I have not found a solution for the problem. Also if the session is recorded, the recorder never closes the whiteboard. Only when I set moderator to ‘all follow me’ can I get the other participants to hide their whiteboards.

Have you found a solution?