Whiteboard - questions

Hey guys,
Congrats for the new feature - it’s amazing.

I have installed the excalidraw and successfully enabled the whiteboard, but some questions remains:

  1. When I open the whiteboard, only I can see it? Each user has it individual whiteboard? That’s the behaviour we’re seeing here. Ideally, it would be one for all (used to explain things and so on).

If so: is there a way to have a unique whiteboard for the whole room or the user has to share the screen?

  1. Can I enable the whiteboard for everybody? Because the option only shows to the users after the moderator start it for the first time.

That’s not how it’s supposed to work. I would give the whiteboard a try on https://meet.jit.si or excalidraw first and you can see the desired functionality.

Thx, but well… what do I have to config to make it work like that? Is there any docs? Shouldn’t it be the default behaviour?

Maybe this will help? I made a video from start to finish.

The moderator gets all the control of whether the whiteboard is opened or not. Each person gets to close it individually. The moderator does not have control of closing people’s whiteboard once open.

If there is a way to change that to give full control to the moderator I don’t think is possible.

Hey. Followed it, but getting this error:

WebSocket connection to ‘wss://mysserver.com/socket.io/?room=a3172df753b740e381e1f2978ff55e84&EIO=3&transport=websocket’ failed:

Any ideas on what’s happening?

Has your problem been solved? I had the same problem just now. Can you help me?

No… same problem

@nirv2 any clues on what’s going on?