Whiteboard paste image bug

Step to reproduce (reproduced in meet.jit.se)

  1. Start conference, start whiteboard, draw something

  2. Enter participant 2 - participant 2 see whiteboard with image from participant 1

  3. Participant 1 copy to clipboard any image and paste it to whiteboard - and image is displayed correctly

  4. Participant 2 sees the broken image

I also see the same scenario.
Any solution pls…

We currently don’t support pasting images. Upstream Excalidraw only seems to support Firebase for storing those images, and we don’t want to use Firebase for that.

Yes, I remember about it. But from keyboard I can paste image from clipboard. This is the way my users found and they are confused by it.

Alas it’s not easy to disable. IIRC @mihhu checked.