Whiteboard objects appearing on the screen (web and mobile)


I’ve created a conference for two participants, one from the web and another from mobile. When I drew a circle on the web, near the middle area, it was not visible on the mobile until I dragged to the left side.

This is the position of the ellipse on the web page

and that is how I see this ellipse on a mobile screen

If drag the ellipse to the right side of the web, I can’t see it anymore on the mobile screen.

Maybe I’m missing something, but is there any way to fix this?

The canvas is infinite, you can zoom in and out and pan through it to focus on a specific area.

Hi @saghul,

When I tried to do this with two fingers, my mobile device just zoomed the whole web page by keeping the aspect ratio to resize the whole picture.

As I understood, what you said is that the whiteboard itself can be resized on a mobile device while the rest of the elements of the conference should remain the same, is this assumption correct?

I think so yeah.

I’ll give it a try once again, and will share the recorded video.


HI @saghul,

You were completely right, it’s possible to zoom in and zoom-out on a mobile device using two fingers to control the canvas size. The next time, I’ll try to do a proper test before creating a new topic and save guys your time.

BTW, I read somewhere in the community, that you’ve worked on the possibility to drag and drop images on a whiteboard (or it was excalidraw’s other component, may be). I couldn’t be able to drag and drop images to whiteboard, is there a way to achieve this?

No worries!

We are currently not working on this yet, since it depends on Firebase and we don’t want to use that. Excalidraw currently only supports Firebase as the image storage.

Just asking, what database you prefer to use instead of firebase?

I’d say a REST API would be great, so each can plug their own image storage backend.