Whiteboard For Jitsi

Hi i have a problem with getting etherdraw work with jitsi in my config file i have entered
etherpad_base: ‘https://chat.feip.biz/’, but when i click open document nothing happens.

We do not support etherdraw, that is etherpad integration …

Not sure if this will solve your problem or not, but we’ve had luck using Google Jamboard. A presenter can share their screen or each participant can load the jamboard app/website locally.


i woud like to integrate a local whiteboard into my local jitsi installation and set up a docker container with a whiteboard application. i can reach that whiteboard via https://myserver.fq.dn/whiteboard/
in jitsi docker configuration i entered this url as ETHERPAD_URL. but i don’t get the whiteboard icon shown up in jitsi.
is there anything i am missing?

kind regards,