Whiteboard features, like shapes, strokes and fills colors


I can see that on github, that original excalidraw has more shapes and features than jitsi has (except images, they use firebase). Were these features somehow restricted, any clue on this?

Yes, we restricted those to make the UI closer to the use case we can to support.

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This is really interesting. For example, how the restriction of the stroke and fills parameters like thickness and color is contradicted your use case, and is there anything that should be done to have these features?

For example, the different colors may help to highlight the different content areas on the whiteboard.


if I clone jitsi/excalidraw and run it locally, I can see all the features. Are you restricting it through the WHITEBOARD_UI_OPTIONS?

What if to move them to a config.js ?

Can’t recall, @mihhu ?

Sounds reasonable.

I have a little bit investigated excalidraw and realized that there is no actual direct connection between the original excalidraw project and the one that jitsi is using now. Excalidraw project reworked by jitsi is outdated and far behind the original excalidraw ))

It’s a fork with some customziations, yes. We tried to engage with the developers to upstream our options but never heard back :person_shrugging:

Yes, that’s just the name of the constant in jitsi-meet that holds all the values we pass to the UIOptions prop on the excalidraw object passed to the ExcalidrawApp component. We just needed a couple more flags so we added them there.

@saghul should I carry on to make those options editable via config?

PS: sorry for the late reply, I didn’t see the notification

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Please don’t make those changes yet. We need to think about it some more.

Hi @mihhu and @saghul,

Thank you for your feedback.

The most valuable for users I think is to get the latest features of the whiteboard and the possibility to use images on it. There should be plenty amount of work to be done to get that.

I’ve already started working on it and I’m going to share it with you at some point once I get there.

BTW, I did change locally to set every boolean in UI_OPTIONS to false to see if the whiteboard UI will change, but it didn’t.

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That’s odd, it works for me. None of them changed the whiteboard at all? Can you maybe describe your setup and workflow a bit?

In fact, for now, I’m doing nothing rather than porting changes from the latest excalidraw to jitsi/excalidraw, next I want to replace Firebase with some other db or API for images.

As for the boolean properties, I’ve changed them to false, built jitsi, and didn’t see any changes. I’ll try to make it again.

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Love to hear from you if it gets working.