Whiteboard feature

I saw in archives that Jitsi previously had a whiteboard feature that was disabled. The Covid crisis has made a lot of people needing to find new ways to work from home or do other meetings, and many people jumped to using Zoom initially because of their features available. But with people now also realizing that Zoom isn’t secure, there needs to be better options–like Jitsi. I have suggested using Jitsi to my company, plus another organization that I am a board member of, but the main feature that they both feel is missing in Jitsi is a whiteboard feature. Now that it can be more people coming to Jitsi, is it possible to get this feature added back in again??? Because Jitsi would be the perfect replacement for all other programs, then.


a whiteboard feature would be very useful for the schools that are currently using jitsi meet in their districts


Did you ever get a response? Curious about this too.

his question asked long time ago but no response. I hope we can get answer from Jitsi team about this great feature, if there a plan or not.

We just started using Jitsi in our company with the corona crisis. Because we did not have any time to evaluate a collaboration tool we started with any tool we could find on the market at the same time. At the end only Jitsi was left. It’s simple and fulfills almost all requirements we can image… Almost means the only thing we are missing is a WHITE BOARD. It’s very evident for our creativity. One person starts with a sketch, next one adds her own idea and creativity flows.
If this feature existed once and could be rewoked we absolutely would appreciate it.