Whiteboard Feature only working for one person (moderator)

Hello one and all.

I’ve got the whiteboard feature up and running but the participants in a conference don’t see the whiteboard when the moderator starts one. Installed as suggested in Installing excalidraw-backend for Whiteboard feature on self-hosted Jitsi Mee.
I see no javascript errors in the browser console nor in prosody or any other log. Where should I search for the problem?

cheers, t.

Maybe authentication = "internal_hashed" of my virtual host is a problem?

Activated debug on excalidraw.

  1. Moderator opens whiteboard, whiteboard appears
  2. Second participant joins. Sees no whiteboard
  3. Moderator right to the second participant granted
  4. Second participant opens whiteboard → Message appears → Could not be decrypted
  5. No whiteboard for first Moderator

Any help is much appreciated.

I had

Component "metadata.hostname" "room_metadata_component" muc_component = "conference.hostname" breakout_rooms_component = "breakout.hostname"

missing in prosody.

Now it works. \o/

to use whiteboard feature is it compulsory that we have breakout room allowed in prosody. or breakout room is optional.