Whiteboard config doesn't show

I have config setup for backend whiteboard running already, but jitsi doesn’t show whiteboard in toolbar, please have a look config as below:

toolbarButtons: [

and config

var config = {

whiteboard: {
		enabled: true,
		collabServerBaseUrl: 'https://whiteboard.ezpztalk.com',		

    // Allow all above example options to include a trailing comma and
    // prevent fear when commenting out the last value.
    makeJsonParserHappy: 'even if last key had a trailing comma' 
    // no configuration value should follow this line.

I don’t know what else I’m missing

What jitsi version are you using? I’m asking because that entry in config.js was removed in v7577, while whiteboard was only introduced v7882.

You are right, I’m using version v7439, when I try to upgrade jitsi in version v8252 with same config as I mention above It show already, but when I click on that nothing happend