While waiting approve in the lobby, when the owner lock of lobby, ask participant reenter password

Hello everyone, I have an exceptional scenario ; There is a room where the lobby is active and a password is requested. After addressing the URL link and passing the correct password, the guest enters the lobby. While waiting in the lobby, the owner disables the lobby, password is still enabled. The expected behavior at this point is the participant who entered the password correctly before entering the lobby, directly joins the room. However, the password window is appearing for the second time. Have you encountered this problem?

This is confusing. What I’m reading is:

  1. Moderator starts a meeting, enables lobby and creates a password
  2. Participant gets the URL to the meeting and tries to join the meeting by entering the password, but instead is placed in the lobby
  3. Then the Moderator disables the lobby while that participant is waiting
  4. With lobby disabled, the participant is now requested to provide the password again to join the meeting.

Is my understanding of your problem statement correct?

If so, there is a problem with your deployment. #2 should not happen. When the lobby is enabled and a password is additionally created, participants can join the meeting directly by using the password without having to wait in the lobby to be admitted. In essence, providing the correct password bypasses the lobby. If this is not your experience, you have done something different with your deployment and that’s causing you issues.

You’ve stated problem correctly. It seems the order of entrance ; ( at first ask password then entrance lobby ) works as reverse of jitsi orijinal project. Thanks a lot Freddie.