While pressing "tile view" Blackscreen appears

While pressing tile view black screen appears and I used android Logcat It shows
Error [feature/app]:“undefined is not an object evaluating A.id”

and some times Error [feature/app]:“undefined is not an object evaluating l.id”

Is this on meet.jit.si? Is this the Jitsi Meet app? Which version?

thanks for the reply.It is android SDK - 3.8.0

This is too old, update to the latest 5.1.x and try with it.

bro if I try with 5.1 I have to change the targetSdkVersion 27 to 30 then I can’t install in android 9 and 10 right ?

Wrong, the minimum SDK is still 23.

ok Ill try the new version bro

I am not your “bro”.

Please make sure your gradle file contains the appropriate Maven sources: Android SDK | Jitsi Meet

integrated saghul thanks for help