Which SelectionStrategy

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i have running a jitsi-meet default installation and two additional jitsi-videobridge2 server.

What i want:

I just want to load-balance several participant in one session accross my video bridges. I don’t need multiple region. So i defined ONE region - no more and no less. I followed some advices from other threads.


My questions are:

In some other threads they recommend to use IntraRegionBridgeSelectionStrategy, but this brings not the desired effect. Session were load-balanced but each participant assigned to the videobrige where the meeting was started.

Code explanation(IntraRegionBridgeSelectionStrategy):

  • Implements a {@link BridgeSelectionStrategy} which selects bridges in a single
    region, but uses multiple bridges for load balancing.

SplitBridgeSelectionStrategy brings the desired effect but according to doc it is not recommended only for testing.

Code explanation(SplitBridgeSelectionStrategy):

  • Implements a {@link BridgeSelectionStrategy} which tries to split each
    conference to different bridges (without regard for the “region”). For
    testing purposes only.

What is the right chose now? Can i ignore " For testing purposes only." when it brings the desired effect?

Is there any problem i don’t see?

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Did you find answer?

IntraRegionBridgeSelectionStrategy vs SplitBridgeSelectionStrategy

Anyone can help us?

For the outlined scenario, SplitBridgeSelectionStrategy is the right choice. Although the guide mentions it’s for testing, it’s actually used for this exact scenario.


@iDLE I could not answer this question yet. But the reply from @Freddie answered this right now.

Thanks @Freddie