Which port is used by jitsi-meet?



On the network diagram it’s written that nginx accesses jitsi-meet but I don’t understand how ?
A tcp port is used or nginx directly accesses files ?

In my case I have a nginx reverse proxy that is not located on the jitsi-* machine. If files are to be accessed then i’ll have to use another nginx on that machine.

Could you advise the method ?

Thank you


Any web server when used with jitsi-meet is used for two things, first to serve the files and second to proxy the connection to prosody bosh.


Thank you damencho,

For the prosody bosh it was already ok. I can access the URL and see the prosody message

Regarding my question, I understand that jitsi-meet is serving files called by nginx. So in my case I have to install a nginx server on my jitsi server. It was not clear to me in the first place because I don’t have the same architecture than the one on the diagram.