Which other properties can i use to start a conference?

Hi, i start a conference in this way

<iq id="..." to="..." type="set" xmlns="jabber:client">
  <conference machine-uid="..." room="..." xmlns="http://jitsi.org/protocol/focus">
    <property name="channelLastN" value="-1"/> 
    <property name="disableRtx" value="false"/>
    <property name="enableLipSync" value="false"/>
    <property name="openSctp" value="true"/>

Which other properties can i use? I did a search but couldn’t find adequate references

[How to] How to customize meeting options

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Thank you @emrah. I saw the link days ago and i thought there were other properties to put inside. Anyway i think that if i put some properties into conference iq i overwrite the default config just for current conference session. This is right?
Moreover i have 2 different peers and both send conference iq to Jitsi with same room.
First of all is correct do that (both send conference iq)?
In second, if this is correct what happens if two conference iq presents different properties or same properties has different value?