Which Jitsi product should we implement?

Hi everyone,

We are trying to decide which Jitsi product to implement for our use case. We tried to conclude on this for 2 days but could not.

  • We have an event application with React and Java.
  • Application has 2 user types, Company and Personal.
  • Companies organize events (as meeting) and personal users join to this event(meeting) on the event start time.
  • There will be 1-10 moderators and 500+ guests per meeting.
  • We do not have time and expertise to implement self hosted option.
    So I think we have 2 options meet.jit.si and jaas.

So, which option fits to our use case? And if you have some suggestions and tips please share with me.

Hey there!

JaaS would be your option because I think you’d be violating the fair use policy in meet.jit.si.

That said, not that on both the limit is 500 participants per room.