Which is the best deployment architecture for Jitsi meet

As there are many ways to install jitsi,

  1. Normal Linux Installation
  2. Docker based
  3. Kubernetes

which is the best way to use jitsi keeping scalability and monitoring in mind ?

If scalability and monitoring are your only criteria, all of them work. You’ll likely find less support though for Docker and the least support for Kubernetes. Once you start venturing into Jibri, it might get a bit more complicated scaling Kubernetes. If you ask me, your best bet anytime any day is #1.

My favorite is #1 too with added LXC

I think it depends on your experience too.

I have tried all of them and below is my experience.

Loved it. But not the best for scaling jitsi or jibri. use it for development purposes only.

recently tried it using ansible(jms, jvb, jibri are on different servers). Amazing experience. I think this is the best way possible to scale jitsi using cloud-based autoscaling.

One of the best BUTTTTT is a pain to make it work with WebSocket. Scaling jibri on the fly is a challenging task too.

Thanks all for your responses. Made the decision easier and i am going with option 1.
How do we achieve scalability using option 1 if I want to scale dynamically?
I am planning to use ec2 on aws.