Where to add a new custom header tag for httpbind header request in lib-jitsi-meet?

I wanted to pass Platform as an extra header tag… can anyone help me with which file we need to pass it??

Hi @1Ajay, we’re using Strophe.js for the XMPP handling. We abstract it away in the XMPP module here. Now, the specific XMPP submodule you’re looking for is this one where we create the XMPP connection, so that you can pass your extra params. Based on the Strophe.Connection documentation, I think you might be able to do something like this

var conn = new Strophe.Connection("/xmpp-websocket/", {customHeaders: "X-Custom-Header"});

I haven’t tried this, and there may be a smarter way to achieve this, but this should probably get you going.

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@gpolitis it worked… Thank you :slight_smile:

const Customheader = new Map();
Customheader.platform = “platformName”
this._stropheConn = new Strophe.Connection(serviceUrl, { customHeaders: Customheader });

Thank you for reporting back your success!

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