Where old room name is stored in jitsi?

Hi all,
When I loaded wellcome page

, I find list zoom , which I added, As where I can find old room name in jitsi ?

Pls,Could you help me ?

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Client cookie!

Just like pierpy mentions, the ‘recent list’ is saved in a cookie on your device. When you open a different browser or delete the browser data you’ll notice the list is empty.

Slight correction, it is not cookie but just in local storage. Opening Incognito window you will see nothing is there.

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Thank you for the correction @damencho :slight_smile:

Thanks @damencho its not in browser cookie but somewhere on the server.

the react front-end seems to call some backend code to create the room. pls correct my understanding if not.

can you help with the following couple of questions?

  1. Do you know which file location meeting names are kept?
  2. And is that viewable/editable?

local storage is - as its name implies - not on the server. It’s space managed by the browser on local device. In Firefox (for example) you can access the storage inspector from web developer option.