Where is the source code of alpha.jitsi.net? Refer github please

I have a custom web version running on my server. Everything works great but I am facing some issues while testing on ios safari. I know that you folks are working on the compatibility. But the version of alpha.jitsi.net seems to work fine on ios safari as well. So I wanted to know from where I can get the entire code which is hosting the alpha version. I know the code is distributed in various repositories.

Can anyone help me in finding where I can see the video bridge code or web code for alpha?

The alpha deployment is always updated to latest package versions from unstable. The packages are build from latest commits in master from github for corresponding project.

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Thank you very much!!

I think it worked. I did this within the docker repo:

  1. FORCE_REBUILD=1 JITSI_RELEASE=unstable make
  2. docker-compose up

It started all the services. I have one doubt though, how do I check if it pulled the latest master builds aka unstable ones and not the stable ones?

Iā€™m having the same issue that you were having. What did you do exactly to resolve this?

try docker exec container_name dpkg -l | grep jitsi-meet
for other services like prosody, jicofo and jvb, change container_name and

  1. jitsi-meet to prosody
  2. jitsi-meet to jicofo
  3. jitsi-meet to jitsi-videobridge2