Where is the server data stored?

Hi everybody,

I have successfully installed my first self-hosted Jitsi Meet instance with a Let’s Encrypt certificate and it’s working flawlessly. However I would like to know where the Jitsi data is stored. I left most of the default config. I’ve setup a few test rooms and now I finally setup user authentication, so I want to remove the test rooms completely. How would I do that?

Some server details:

  • Debian 10.3
  • Jitsi Meet version: 1.0.4101-1

Thank you very much!

As far as I can tell no data is stored. The rolling logs files will have the names of those test room I suppose.

Okay thanks. Where do I find those logs?

The relevant server logs are in
But the test rooms are already removed. Each room is closed a while after the last participant leaves it. What you see in the browser as a recent rooms list is just a cache. In Chrome/Chromium go to the padlock icon next to the URL, then Cookies -> Allowed -> Local Storage, and delete the entry there – the list of recently used rooms will be cleared.