Where is the jitsi coference page background (Black color) in code

I am cloning the jitsi meet source from repository and self hosting. Where can I change the background color of the video meeting (not the welcome page) screen in the code (From black to say white) and also the avvtar colors and avvtar tile background colors. Kindly show me pointers.

Hi Shawn, thanks for the swift reply, I wanted to understand where exactly it is in the code, as I am willing to change the UI of the conference page in the code and recompile. In this way I can call the iframe which would look similar in my mobile and web in terms of the UI

You shouldn’t have to recompile since these configs are loaded at runtime.

See also:

Apologies for my brief posts. I’m on the move and on at computer so can’t provide much details at the moment.

I presume this only changes the container background, how do I change the background of tile windows, wanna change the margin color of tiles. Any pointer is appreciated.