Where does Jitsi create RTCPeerConnection object?

I’m trying to find the code where the ip addresses from the STUN server are received/collected from react-native and when Jitsi creating RTCPeerConnection object. My purpose is, I want to pass along additional parameter to RTCPeerConnection since I have our own customized webrtc and need to set some value there. Does anyone know which part Jitsi taking the value from react-native and creating RTCPeerConnection object?

Thank you for help

You are going in deep :slight_smile:

The PC is created here: lib-jitsi-meet/TraceablePeerConnection.js at bc3aae02d943447b5ad4674553baaa23c4dc1609 · jitsi/lib-jitsi-meet · GitHub

Thank you so much !

Hi sorry, I tried to change some values before it calls RTCPeerConnection Object, but my value inside RTCPeerConnectionObject still did not change. I tried to trace the code but could not find any clue until now. Is this also work for react-native? or only Peer Connection from PC(Personal Computer)? Thanks in advance

What exactly are you changing and for what purpose?