Where can I find more information on using the SIP gateway in Jitsi Meet?

I have a Jitsi Meet server working as expected, installed following the Quick Install instructions.

I’ d like to add dial-in using SIP. Such instructions only briefly indicated what package to add, and I provided credentials to my SIP service but this is the only other detail about it in the documentation:
“During the installation, you will be asked to enter your SIP account and password. This account will be used to invite the other SIP participants.”

What else should I configure so other participants can join by dial-in ? I tried to invite via phone number, is this gateway supposed to call-out, send an SMS… how ? How can I debug this ?

Thanks in advance for any information.

You need to configure the conference mapper, you can create your own or you can use the one used by meet.jit.si (check meet.jit.si/config.js).
You need to setup an IVR asking the users to enter pin number and then you need to pass that pin number as a sip header to jigasi.

Yes, you can dial-out through jitsi-meet UI, clicking on the + button.
No SMS, not sure how SMS fits in the conference solution.

What do you want to debug? Describe the steps.

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Sorry I haven’t revisited this topic, thanks for your answer. At the moment I don’t need this so I’ll try again when I do. Thanks for your time!