Where can I find frontend files?

I have to update the logo in the modal that appears when we click on “Start recording”. Where can I find all the frontend files to do the changes?

I have already made a few changes by updating title.html in “usr/share/jitsi-meet”.

Regarding customization and branding, specially the logos, check under /usr/share/jitsi-meet/images/.

Also keep this issue in mind :

Hey @MagicFab, Thanks for pointing me the right direction.

I want to change this logo, which is stored as “jitsiLogo_square.png”. Well, I could upload the logo of my brand with the same name and it will work. But I want to know the where are these templates/HTML files stored so that I can edit the “src” of the image from HTML itself.

You can find the src for the recording dialog here

You need to re-build the web view into a new libs/app.bundle.min.js by compiling the react code by following the development guide:

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