Where can I find a good guide on using NGNIX to have Jitsi + other web servers on the same host?

I am in a situation where Jitsi meet is already hosted and working on a VM behind an Internet-facing router withing its DMZ, everything is working as expected.

I’d like to know if there a guide specific to Jitsi Meet on using NGINX as reverse proxy to make it coexist with other services on a single IP, different domains. Is there anything specific to Jitsi Meet I should take into account ?

I’m aftaid that no such guide is likely to exist. Computing trend is more in the direction of industrialisation than of careful handcrafting of a complicated server.
I have done it for a test server where i did not want to pay for a separate server and I reused an existing one. To avoid fighting between software versions, I used containers (one for Jitsi-meet, one for mail, …) and proxied with Haproxy rather than Nginx - IIRC that’s because Tcp (not http) proxying is free with Haproxy, while with Nginx you have to get the paid version.

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