Where are all jitsi installed files

Hi everyone,

So I installed jitsi using the new quick install guide with nginx on Ubuntu 18.04. The base program worked but when i downloaded the Github Jitsi version and tried to re-path the nginx to look at the github jitsi version, i ran into issues where the Focus failed. I tried to uninstall using the quick install guide and re-install and now i have videobridgeNotavailable issue in console.
I shouldn’t have to check logs on a fresh install.

I have a feeling there are configuration files somewhere that still think the Jitsi videobridge was still installed after it was uninstalled and then on re-install it skipped those or something.

Can anyone tell me where all the configuration files are for jitsi?

I found these so far but i think there are more that didn’t get uninstalled:

I tried downloading the Jitsi GitHub project and re-pathing NGinx in about 6 lines (including the config.js ones) and ran into issues.
Maybe i didn’t change all the paths or shouldn’t have changed some paths that i did in the sites-available/config.js file?