When use Github oauth to login zulip app, how to call the github url in zulip?

I have enabled the Github SSO and successfully login zulip android app with github account. we register the zulip as an app on github and set the call back url to zulip server.
Next I will add a screen in zulip app to visit some Github url. like https://github.com/myproject/issue

On web, this can be done easily because the browser can handle the cookies/header.

but How to do it in zulip app?

Is this the correct forum for your question?

actually, I am not quite sureā€¦


I have an idea now. sorry for disturbing.

Just one question, not sure if you know, I see that the code is using CustomTabsAndroid.openURL(url) to send out sso request to github. do you know how to get the response ?

We do not have such code. You are talking about different software.