When two peer connection in p2p, if it can switch to jvb mode in some case?

I wonder if there is such a mechanism: two peer connection in p2p for a while,then the connection switched to jvb because the network connection status becomes worse?

If it disconnects it will switch to jvb. There is no mechanism for the moment of monitoring the links and switching between them. But that is something we may add at some point.

Thanks a lot for your response! But, when only 2 participants in a meet and no one else whole server, the jitsi server’s internet out bandwidth is zero Mbps at first few minutes,then the bandwidth rises to 4Mbps while the video conference connection is continuous。in this using case ,the two participants are all android app that build from sample application repository ( github.com) , with my self-hosting jitsi server .

The latest Android app and SDK has p2p disabled due to a bug. We’ll fix it and re-enable it as soon as we can.

Thank you for your hard work

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Hi @saghul , Have you fixed the bug of Android app and SDK disabled p2p connection ? And when will you re-enable p2p in android sdk?

No, it’s not fixed yet. We are working on it.

Okay, Thank you for your hard work! by the way, Is it enabled OCTO in latest version of jitsi?

OCTO needs to be configured when you deploy multiple JVBs. We have it enabled on meet.jit.si.