When to create/remove videobridges?


I am trying to setup jitsi meet on my server. I have tried using multi video bridges with one jitsi meet instance, it works fine.

The cloud provider I use doesn’t support auto scaling out of the box. But I can implement it through their API, so I can create new video bridges and remove them when required through their API. I am also aware of the REST apis available to check the stats of the video bridge.

I need suggestions for when should I create/remove video bridges? As pointed by @damencho “The load balancing itself is done in jicofo, jicofo chooses the least loaded bridge for the next conference.”

I want my videobridges/servers to be fully utilized before I create a new one.

Please help. Thanks.

You need to define for yourself what is fully utilized and the base your auto-scale rules on that. The best is avg bandwidth or avg system load across the current bridges. But the values is for you to define as there are based on the cloud provider, instance type and so on … You can start with two bridges and monitor some params and once you see that you hit some limits … adjust …

Thanks for your response.

Suppose I currently have five bridges as my jitsi meet was hosting 20+ conferences, but only 5 confs are left and running on all the five servers (1 conf/bridge). Now I cannot shutdown any bridge, but my servers are clearly under utilized. Should I just wait for confs to get over and then shutdown the bridge? Isn’t there any other solution?

If I follow this pattern, clearly I will get heavily billed for my server usage :confused: