When starting a free meeting, does the room name get inserted into the database?

When starting a free meeting at https://meet.jit.si, does the room name get inserted into their database?
We’ve developed a web conferencing application and everything works because our system is setup where a user creates a conference and it also has rooms, etc. Everything works because this data gets inserted into the database. But now I’m trying to setup a similar page to Jitsi’s home page where anyone can create and join into a free meeting. On their homepage, the user enters a Room Name, then they get redirected to another page where they can enter their name, and then click to join the meeting. So My question is, does the room name they enter on the homepage get inserted into their database? Is this how they are able to create the room?

There is no database. The first to enter a room - creates it, after the last participant leaves, the room is destroyed.

Thank you, this gives me more insight.