When someone leaves the room, the pop up indicates another person

**Thank you for this community forum ! ** I am French and my English is not perfect !

We are integrating jitsi in our solution, and we noticed a bug this morning. Indeed, when a user leaves the room, the name indicated on the pop-up is not the right one. How to correct or work around this bug?

**I made a GIF to illustrate this bug **:

I couldn’t find anything similar issue, but I’m looking for advice to improve my requests

Have nice day all !

Do you see the same issue if you use https://alpha.jitsi.net/?

I’m asking because there is a bug with join/leave notification in current stable that has been fixed but not yet released, and what you’re seeing now sounds like it could be caused by the same underlying issue.

When I do the same test on https://alpha.jitsi.net/, I no longer have the bug! Indeed, these two issues should be linked !

Awesome. Nothing left to do but wait for next stable release :slight_smile: Last I heard it was estimated to land end of this week.

:smiley: Thanks @shawn for the quick answer !