When I try to record the session the meet closes the session and kicks me out

I am inside the meeting. I use browser. I want to record the session. It opens the page to show its connecting to dropbox, but then suddenly it kicks me out of the meeting and close the meeting for me and I see the page when I disconnect from the meetings.

I tried different browsers and the same happened: (chrome, brave, edge)

Then I connected with android mobile app and I could start the recording via it.

I can confirm this.
Some changes were just made to address another issue that cropped up recently, so it’s possible something was overlooked. Certain the Team will get on this soon. I suggest trying again later in the day.

Thank you for the confirmation, will do certainly.

We are on it, will update you.

As soon as we have the build we will land this on meet to fix it fix: Fixes recording dialog web rendering. by damencho · Pull Request #11069 · jitsi/jitsi-meet · GitHub
Sorry for the inconvenience

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That is fixed now on meet.jit.si


I can confirm this is fixed.

Thanks @damencho and Team!

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