When i try to jibri install after that now, Jetsee show us GREY Screen :(

Check your JavaScript console in the browser you have some error in the config maybe.

A quick background (boaring and painful one):

I am new to this community but during this lockdown I worked on multiple opensource project and this (Jitsi) has been the toughest and most painful exercise - after lods of attempts, hit and trial, I finally decided to work on it as a test domain and so moved on to VMWare so that I can use snapshots witout which life was getting miserable. Once this works, I will delete everything and start again for Prod environment.

I have almost planned tp to give up today and move on to some other open source VC tool, but finally it looks like: I am very close to a solution - and provided how I get support from this group, I will decide my fate/destiny with Jitsi.

I am behind firewall and then on VMWare with Bridge connection (replicated physical mode) and can finally see my website (aayushi.online). However, when I go to: letsmeet.aayushi.online, I get Grey screen with NOTHING at all… same for chrome as well as mozilla and every other browser as well.

When I go to JavaScript console in the browser, this is what I see:

ReferenceError: interfaceConfig is not definedlanguageDetector.web.js:23
Webpack 30
x 30 times

And when I click on: languageDetector.web.js:23 it takes me to Debugge tab where it highlights on:

// Allow i18next to detect the system language reported by the Web browser
// itself.
interfaceConfig.LANG_DETECTION && order.push(‘navigator’);

There are many such articles on the same line but I dont think anything has been answered yet and I am surprised to see many thread have died due to it bein stale. Really disappointed to see such a lack of response from such an enthusiatic team.

Any timely and detailed help will be highly appreciated.

Many Thanks,

just reinstall… its way easier than troubleshooting. this happened to me once.

BTW did you modify any of the css or js files in jitsi?

in addition have you opened the UDP port 10000?


Thanks for getting back.

Reinstallation is just not an option - I have already dont it 10 times and now if I have to reinstall it, I will rather scrap this project and try to find some other project which is more supportive towards finding the eand goal.

No I did not modify any of the css or js files in jitsi?

Yes, I have opened all UDP ports from 10000-20000. Also, just so you know since I am working on it using Webmin/Virtualmin, I have change default port 100000 to somethig else so that it does not clash with UDP port 10000.

Hope this helps.

Thx: Rav


A quick update… looks like I have managed to get this going - without any help from anyone (appreciate your time @masteryoda) I wish we have more active support from people in the community - this can be a great product provided the instrcutions + tips and tricks are made more accessible and simpler.

Anyways, now my next target is to fix the conferencing itself. I can chat with friends without nay issue, but we cannot hear or see each other (we can see ourselves on our laptop).

If anyone can shed any light, that will helpful or else I will share the update as and when I move forward.

My next investigation is going to be around the fact that I am behind a natted firewall and then VMware, so let’s see.

Many Thanks,

did you add the configs to work behind a NAT?

edit /etc/jitsi/videobridge/sip-communicator.properties & add these 2 lines


Thanks for your support . İt works fine. Just i need to plan for calendar for outlook and record meeting


Yes I did… but no use.

This is basic, which is not working, so basically I am still at ground zero.

Once this is done, I need to start planning towards, creating room, keep non-invited people out (authorisation), calendar invite for outlook and other email providers (gmai/yahoo), record meetings and then be able to connect on iOS and Android App.

Looks like I have miles to go, when I thought it will be a cake walk - based on my previous experience with other open source projects.

Let me know if anyone has any suggestion or experience something simillar (I have seen many posts where people have had simillar issues, but could not see any sensible/practical solution - at least not until now.

Mnay Thanks,

Make sure your port forwarding works and that jvb is advertising the correct public address.

Yes I added thise 2 lines to the existing file yesterday but the issue was still there.

And to make the situation even worse, I just got a notification to install the nightly updates and thought, Oh, I might be missing something and the update will fix it for me… but still no use.

Just so you know: /etc/jitsi/videobridge/sip-communicator.properties has got:

And /etc/jitsi/jicofo/sipsip-communicator.properties has got:

Do you think, I am missing something or got something wrong?

Also, just so you know when I launch a meeting and click on 3 dots and then settings, I can only see camera and microphone (NO speaker). However, I tried it at my friend’s laptop and he can see all 3 options but we were still unable to have a call or video chat.

This is getting painful now - any help, tips & tricks will be highly appreciated.

Many Thanks,

comment this line with a #

the quick-install guide mentions this

And comment the existing org.ice4j.ice.harvest.STUN_MAPPING_HARVESTER_ADDRESSES . See the documentation of ice4j for details.

Thanks for getting back and picking up the mistake. I had already commented it out, but with tonight’s update, it got restored back to original, so I edited it as per the documentation but forgot to comment it out.

Just did it, tested it and still the same issue.

I think I have 3 core / very basic issues right now:

Just so you know: Weather I use, chrome, mozilla, opera, IE or Edge - when I click on 3 buttons, I can only see microphone and camera and NO speaker. However, when I launch Chome (and only chome) as an Administrator, I can see Speakers as well… so there must be some issue with the elevation rights - not sure if it is on my laptop (settings) or server (code).

I can see myself and my friends can see themselves, but we cannot see or listen to each other - which defeats the purpose all together.

I thought issue might be on my laptop, so I will rather try the App… downloaded the app, went to settings and put my sever name: https://letsmeet.domain.tld,came -> pressed back button, tried ctreating new or join an existing meeting - but get an error, you have been disconnected (without even connecting) and will try reconnecting in 15 seconds, counter goes on, nothing happens and then back to square one.

Hvae treid this on 3 Android and 2 iPhone (inside and outside the network - even from outside the country)… everywhere same problems.

Any idea, what else I can try

Many Thanks,

Come sort of corporate meeting/review on youtube loaded on 20th APril, where they said they have release some new stuff for mozila, looks like it is still in the testing environment.

By the way:
Why is this line here? org.ice4j.ice.harvest.DISABLE_AWS_HARVESTER=true
Do I care about AWS? I am on my VMWare, inside which I have Virtualmin on which I am running Ubuntu 18.04 LTS.

And what is these 2 lines here? Who created these user name and password? Can I change both of them?

Many Thanks,

And while browsing forum, I bumped into this: https://github.com/jitsi/jitsi-meet/issues/267

The final solution for this post was: I resolved the issue by adding “vultr.guest” to /etc/hosts I’ve got the video from other participants.

Now this basically means: It’s the host name of the machine, where jitsi is running.

In my case, my /etc/hosts has got the following:

# letsmeet.aayushi.online localhost letsmeet.aayushi.online aayushi.online

The following lines are desirable for IPv6 capable hosts

#::1 ip6-localhost ip6-loopback
#fe00::0 ip6-localnet
#ff00::0 ip6-mcastprefix
#ff02::1 ip6-allnodes
#ff02::2 ip6-allrouters

Looks good to me - unless someone sees any issue here and thinks otherwise.

Many Thanks,