When are multiple video bridges used

I’ve connected 3 external videobridges and when I stop the videobridge on the main jitsi meet server, only one of the external video bridges is used at a time.

At what point are external videobridges used. Even though I have configured multiple, only one seems to be used but the others are not.

Yes, the default configuration is for meetings to be held on the same videobridge. If you want multiple videobridges to be used in the same meeting, you’ll need to enable and configure Octo.

Thanks for the reply:
Can DevOps Guide (scalable setup) | Jitsi Meet be updated to reflect what you just said? I’m not sure it’s clear on this document.

A PR is welcome GitHub - jitsi/handbook: The Jitsi Handbook

Great. I’ll do that asap. I also realized we no longer use octo in the jvb.conf but rather relay. Can you confirm for me before I open the PR (at least that’s what worked for me) @damencho


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