Whay Jigasi Transcription quality is worst than google?

finally i did connect Jigasi to google cloud and every thing works :slight_smile:
but quality of result is so bad. i did test google transcription from google docs, it was so so much better that the quality that i got from Jigasi

is there any config that i may miss??
can you guess where the problem is?


It cannot be better than google docs as Jigasi uses the Google services. What we can expect is a similar quality, but not better…

Yes, results of hangouts/googlemeet would be better too than Jigasi transcription…that has been my observation…

You can get the more expensive transcription service from Google that’s more accurate, if cost is not an issue. It’s really not a Jigasi thing, the service you subscribe to is the determinant of captioning accuracy.

I had observed more or less similar results even with the paid service account credentials, same as the trial acount.

@Freddie Do you know the Google service that can give better results? If yes, please share.

Google offers a “Video Model” transcription service that costs more and provides much better accuracy. It can be used with Jigasi by setting the following property:

org.jitsi.jigasi.transcription.USE_VIDEO_MODEL = true

Got it. Thanks. Might give it a try sometime…

this video_model helps when participants’ cameras are off? or in this case we will get save result as video_model = false ?

Not sure I fully understand your question, but unless you subscribe to that more expensive service from Google, you don’t need to set the property at all.