What's wrong with my microfone?

Hi folks, I’m using jets but I can not speak with others nevertheless I hear an see them. I also see myself but others don’t hear me. What’s wrong?

Have you worked out your issue?

What device are you using, e.g. are you using Windows or Linux for your client computer? (or mobile phone)

Have you tested that your microphone is working in your operating system before joining the Jitsi meeting?

If you have proved that your operating system can recognise your microphone and that it is working, then in Jitsi, you can check the settings in Jitsi and select your microphone. (in some desktop computers I have used, there is more than one input device, but I only have a microphone connected to one of the input devices, so I have to select the correct device which actually has the microphone attached, so I have experience a similar issue to that which you have reported)

Also please check the obvious, that you are not muted in the meeting, so simple but easy to miss.

Hope this helps !