Whats the participant limit in video conferencing or meeting in jitsi?

just wanted to know how many participants can join in a video meet through jitsi meet ?

If on the free meet.jit.si, you can host a meeting with up to 100 people, but be advised that once you go above 30-35 people, you may start experiencing quality degradation.

thanks for the update freddie

I don’t think that is still relevant … we had worked a lot on few optimizations and there is the lastN will kick in … layer suspension … optimizations around stats … So 100 participant should be fine without problems.


Great! Bearing that in mind, how many participants would you say can stably share video streams in a meeting at the same time?

I cannot say for sure … But on meet.jit.si we had set some aggressive lastN limits for the clients

lastNLimits: {
        5: 20,
        30: 15,
        50: 10,
        70: 5,
        90: 2

And for example we are testing 500 with 10 videos. So for 100 I wouldn’t say that 20 is not acceptable … With the changes coming to UI even more will be possible, not receiving videos that are not in the visible area …

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So a meeting of 100 people with few videos works well. How about the number of meeting a server can handle? Say a meeting has 30 participants, one video or one screen sharing. How many meetings will a VPS with 2 vCPU, 4 GB RAM would handle, and how many meeting would a VPS with 8 vCPU, 32 GB RAM handle? Both are quality VPSes with SSD storage.

The biggest constraint is bandwidth not CPU or RAM. One JVB can handle about 150 concurrent participants, if I’m not mistaken. That number might have gone up with all the recent improvements on the bridge and signaling, but that’s how you’d estimate.

Btw, did you test this already?

Hi Freddie

Thanks for replying! No, I am still planning.

I have a situation where we will provide LMSes to schools. Main server is not yet production. But we expect there will be a surge of schools, say 100, once we launch. From then on it will steadily increase at a slower pace. These are primary and secondary schools. That means each meeting is a class room session of say 20-30 participants, 99% of the time there is only one video stream, i.e. that of the teacher.

My question: What should be the architecture so that we can grow as the schools/classes increase?

It’s possible to scale JVBs horizontally. Something likes the following