What's the number of the maximum users in the same video conference?

hello, i’m wondering if i can use the software for a meeting when there are thousands of people ? it will be only a matter of server or the software have limits ?

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Yes, you are only limited by your server resources - the most important, being bandwidth.

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I"m not sure what my server resources and bandwidth is. Approximately, can I have at least up to 50 people on one video call at one time with no time limits? I’m not looking for people in the 1000’s. Thank you!

@therapy4freedom, if you’re hosting your own Jitsi, as it appears the OP is, you are only limited by the resources you commit to Jitsi. The only way to gauge what kind of load your setup can handle is to know exactly what your server resources are.

What does OP stand for? Is there a minimum number of people on one call so I can at least get an idea? I had six in total people last time I used the virtual meeting and it was fine. I just didn’t know if I was able to have more people?

OP - Original poster (person who started the thread).

Seems like you’re asking about the public instance (https://meet.jit.si). In that case, the max is capped at 75, but it’s advised that performance begins to suffer after about 30-35 participants. Again, if you install and host your own Jitsi environment, you will only be limited by the resources you commit to your installation.

You may alternatively want to look at 8x8 subscription. Currently they’re running a promo for just 99 cents a month. That might be the best bet for your case, since you’re planning for at least 50 people.

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Ok great! And yes, it is: https://meet.jit.si. Can anyone use this, jit.si? Yes, for now, I think I’ll be good as I’m going around the 30-35 people or less, thanks so much!!

i need a way to make it work for at least 1000 people in the same time ! anyone tried that yet ?

Are they all speakers or more are just listeners?

they are more listeners but they can participate if they want to speak or ask a questions.

then jitsi + livestreaming is not a solution for you…

Hey emrah… I am looking exactly for this answer to know if we could use a a political party the JITSI system to hold a party conference with about 1600 members! So for sure there are most of the people to listen, but according the meeting minutes, there should be the chance that one after the other has the chance to present a speech for that day. So can JITSI be the platform to organize such event? If yes, what would be the recommended hardware requirement that everybody can join this conference? Please let me know. Thanks. Vincent

It’s needed to use OCTO for a big room (many active participants) but I didn’t test it before and I don’t know its limits

What is OCTO? Its another platform or a module/plug-in to JITSI?

Hello Damian, Thanks für the link. So it’s another module to be added…
Has someone experience of a large scale video conferencing with Jitsi? So several hundreds of members of a single session??
I guess that could help to hear some experience… Thanks to all of any comment to share

Hey Damian, would it be possible to get a ready suite installer of such a large scale conferencing system for download? I guess that would be the game changer in this category…

We are working for large scale conferences. For now we do not recommend using more than 100 participant in a conference, there are bridge and UI limitations for that.

ok thanks… so need to look further for now. BTW you know any system allowing this large scale conferencing? Any idea could be helpful. Many thanks.