What's beta.meet.jit.si?

I’m trying to learn how to use lib-jitsi-meet and I found beta.meet.jit.si being used as a domain for options to JitsiMeetJS.JitsiConnection() in a couple of places, including in this example and this question. It’s also mentioned in a cached google page: " By default the backend deployment used is beta.meet.jit.si. You can point the Jitsi-Meet app at a different backend by using a proxy server."

But it’s not used in the example in the lib-jitsi-meet github repo. And when I go to the URL itself it looks like it’s a site for us to try Jitsi out.

I’m wondering. Is it where the routing part of the SFU topology takes place? Is that Jitsi videobridge? Is it for anyone to use in development? Can we use meet.jit.si too? When may we/may we not use both of those? Are there rate limits?

Sorry, I have a lot of questions. Very new to the library. Thanks!

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beta is a deployment where latest from unstable is being deployed regularly and we (the devs) use it to validate changes we do. That should not be used as it regularly restarts/reloads/re-deploy and is not scaled for a lot of users.
You can use meet.jit.si and make sure you check its terms of service.

Thanks for explaining!