What version support unified plan?

Hello, from what version of jitsi are support unified plan? How many versionz from now are have unified plan? How to know if my jitsi are support it?

Last two stable has that on by default.

@damencho THank you for my respond. Is possible make stable version before support unified plan? We are use version 5870 and 5963 for me job, is possible to make support unified plan? We no want are upgrade latest version. Please instrukt me how

Nope, there are two many changes to someone guide you through that … You can try … Bit the easier will be upgrading to latest.

@damencho This respond are make me sad. New versionz are have troublez we like use old versionz

What kind of troubles?

@damencho It are have troublez for screenshar. It are have troublez are off video he say to save bandwith but banwith are plenty. Firefox he no work well sometimez. Safari he no work well sometimez. This my probleme for me upgrade. I sorry to complane because I love jitsi but these my troublez for new verzionz

To be able to fix things, we need those to be reported and help identifying and fixing. For example after some reports last week we identified two FF issues and those are coming in next stable … Those are about streams turned off for Firefox

You is right but because we use for work no chance for me esperimente. When next stable are release?

Not sure maybe 2 weeks or so.
You should have a plan for upgrades as browsers change every few weeks and everything can be expected …

Okay thank you very much for me respond