What variables details are sent from a jitsi recording?

Hey everyone,

I know the jitsi_uploader.sh gets generic details like FILENAME, JSON_PATH, etc., where can I find a full list of everything that is passed? I’m trying to at least find if the moderator email is sent to jitsi_uploader, or if not, where I can edit it so I can get said details?


You can add the following line to the script and check it from /tmp/uploader-args.txt

echo $@ >> /tmp/uploader-args.txt

Thanks! I tested this by putting it into the jitsi_uploader.sh and I only get the location of the recording directory, nothing else. Is there something else I can use?

I think your problem is how to get environment variables sent to a script.
I found this useful:

You should search in output and find desired variables.