What to install if only want a client Jitsi working on Debian 10?

Hi, everybody. I’m sorry to make such a noob question.
I just want to install a videconferencing Jitsi client, so I can chat with others who have installed the server. I do not want to install nginx, or some other programs not related to the client itself (I believe).

I am in Debian 10 Buster, and since my team uses Jitsi with great quality, I cannot because I use the web client. I think all will become more stable if I use the client-desktop program.

If I am wrong in some statement, please correct me.

But please, help me with your proper advise.

What do you mean you cannot use it with web client? It doesn’t work?
You can install jitsi-meet-electron and use it, but it is basically a chrome wrapper. So if chrome is not working for you, electron may also have problems.

Hi, @damencho

I can, indeed.
I do not want to.

The web client works good, not perfectly. Sometimes the sound doesn’t get connected…
And that’s I want to use the desktop client only. To make sure what is the best option to me.

Sorry that a bad selected word misled my question.

What package do I install in Debian Buster so I can have ONLY the jitsi client?

The best option is to install latest chrome. The next option is to use a little outdated chrome in the form of the electron app https://github.com/jitsi/jitsi-meet-electron/releases which gives other options like remote control of your screen.

Thank you!
So, no .deb package and better from the web browser itself.